RV Tips: 4 Must-Have Items for Your RV Bedroom 

No matter how often you travel to the campground, there are always ways to improve your RV storage spaces. These RV tips will help you to get the most out of your space and make your RVs bedroom more comfortable and welcoming. Learn our favorite items to make your camping trip more comfortable below.

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Skinny Hangers

One of the best ways to maximize the space in any of your closets is by using skinny hangers. You can find these on Amazon or at any department store. Not only do these hangers help to keep your closets organized, but they minimize the amount of space each article of clothing takes up so you can fit more in one space.

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Hanging Shoe Organizer

A hanging shoe organizer is an excellent way to add storage where there may not be over-the-door use over the door; shoe storage hangers or in closets to create shelving for smaller items like toys, umbrellas, socks, and other items you want to keep in easy reach.

Bedside Pocket Organzier

A bedside pocket organizer is a great way to keep all of your must-have things close by. If you have a bed with under storage, these are easy to install, and they give you pockets for chargers, books, glasses, and anything else you want to keep by your bed.

Over the Door Organizer

Lastly, getting an over-the-door, organizer with a shelf and hooks is an excellent way to create more storage space in your bedroom. We used a combination shelf and hooks on our bedroom door to give us space for cardigans, coats, books, and sunscreen so that everything was easy to grab before we headed out for the day.
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