RV Tip: Never Forget Your Phone

If there’s one thing we tell all RVers who ask for advice it’s to never forget your phone. It might seem simple. It might seem counterintuitive to a trip designed to connect with nature. And it might seem extreme. While we agree that limiting phone usage while on a trip is important–after all, how are you supposed to bond with your family–forgetting your phone could actually complicate your life. Here’s why.

Keeping your phone with you at all times is a great way to keep yourself safe. Even if you ignore calls and texts, you should still be able to dial out in case of an emergency.

Easy Communication

Keeping your phone with you and charged to at least 50% at all times makes communicating with friends and family so much easier. This is particularly important for those who are traveling on their own or are planning to do some solo hiking. Remember, you might be on a trip for fun, but your family might worry about you. Make getting in touch with you easy.


Ever have a tire blow out on the road? Maybe you’ve slipped while hiking and broken a bone. While we hope you never encounter any of these issues, keeping your phone around for emergency situations is wise. Many phones get great reception in even the most remote areas. And even if you don’t have phone service sometimes you can text. Be sure to have a communication plan in place in case of an emergency.


There is a wide range of apps available to RVers.

There’s a wide range of apps available to RVers that make planning your trip a breeze. From planning where to get the cheapest gas along the way to finding unique sites throughout your route, one search for RVing apps and you’ll be amazed at what’s available to you.

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