RV Rentals: A Great Way to Try RVing

Renting an RV is a great way to try RVing before you buy. Perhaps you’ve been interested in RVing for a while or just developed an interest and don’t know where to start, RV rentals allow you to see what you’re getting yourself into. You also have the chance to see different units and explore which type and even floorplan options would work best for you.

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RV Rental Types

Travel Trailer
Get all of the benefits of RVing with our beautiful rentals.

Here at Collier RV, we’ve got a great selection of RV rentals, including various RV types. We offer luxury class A motorhomes, class C motorhomes, and travel trailers. That means you can select from towables or motorized units.

A towable is a great option if you want something that you can hitch up to your vehicle and park at the campground then use your vehicle to explore your destination. We offer travel trailers, which don’t require a special hitch like fifth wheels and can work for families of all sizes.

Class A motorhomes are a wonderful choice for anyone who just wants to hop in their RV and go. There’s no need to think about hitching up or how weight is distributed.

Class A Motorhome
Get only the best rentals like this amazing Class A motorhome!

If you want the convenience of a class A motorhome, but want a unit that’s easier to drive, look no further than the class C motorhome. We have several floorplans to choose from and because they’re built on a smaller van chassis you’ll find that driving them is much easier.

Choosing an RV Rental

Choosing the best RV rental for you comes down to your needs. Consider the following:

  • How large your family is
  • What you plan to do
  • Where you plan to go
  • Whether you’ll need a vehicle to get around or not
  • What you plan to do

If you’re interested in learning more about our selection of RV rentals or RVs for sale, contact us. We can answer your questions, walk you through units, and help you find the best option for your needs. Should you choose to buy, we can also assist with RV financing.

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