RV Adventures at Nearby National Parks

Regardless of which part of the nation you call home, adventures at national parks are nearly always just a short drive away. Better yet, many of America’s national parks feature RV parking you can use with a camper, trailer, or any other RV type.

Students of history, lovers of the great outdoors and just about anyone can find something fun and exciting in the nation’s many parks. The team at the Collier RV Super Store has put together a short guide to help you make the most of your national park adventures with RVs for road trips and everything you need for the drive ahead. Find a park from the more than 2,000 sites available for the experience of a lifetime and get rolling.

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What Kind of National Parks Are There Near You?

Thoughts of national parks may inspire images of forest greenery and large campgrounds on the shores of scenic lakes. A great many parks have such attractions, but the national parks of America have much more to offer. Venture across the battlefields that led to the formation of the nation or preserved the union during the Civil War. Try birdwatching at scenic locations or hit the waves and drive some of the best RVs for traveling alongside wild beasts at the nation’s many adventure parks.

Types of parks include:

Gauley River
With an RV, you can travel to all the beautiful and historic parts across the United States.

Campsites and RV Parks: Where to Stay On Your Adventure

For many, buying an RV comes down to the level of comfort you want to enjoy. Luckily, America’s national parks have accommodations for many kinds with campsites that allow RV parking and RV-ready parks with water hookups and electrical connections available in many locations.

Choose a campsite if you want a rugged adventure that doesn’t necessitate firing up a generator or relying heavily on your RV for much other than a safe and comfy place to crash. Campsites are great for those who plan to cook over an open fire and put up tarps or tents to really experience the great outdoors.

An RV park has all the amenities to make your trip feel more like home. Get the most out of your new RV with gas and electricity hookups that let you cook on internal stoves or available fuel for your generators. These parks also benefit from the likelihood of sharing space with other RV enthusiasts, giving you plenty of options for trading advice and tips with your neighbors.

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Best Time To Visit

Many people wonder, “what type of RV should I get?” The real question, however, might be “how well will this RV perform when I have the time and insatiable desire for travel?” If you’re a skier or snowshoer, a heavy-duty four-wheel-drive vehicle with plenty of heating options can get you where you want to go in America’s national parks. A trailer-style RV or a pop-up design works well on summer trips and for those who like to fish.

Check park listings for the best times to visit and determine when the amenities you want to experience are available. Bringing along a mountain bike might not be the wisest decision if fabled trails are under three feet of snow, but those conditions are great for cross-country skiing and sledding. If your family vacations are normally in summer or winter, take those into consideration when choosing your next RV.

Your Pre-Departure Checklist

Before heading out to national parks, make sure you have everything you’ll need for the road ahead. These include the standard RV essentials, such as a first aid kit and fire extinguisher, as well as seasonal extras like snow tires, chains or blankets.

Things worth packing along include:

  • Extra fuel for propane or gas-powered cooking, if you have a compatible stove.
  • Extra dry clothes for everyone, rain or snow.
  • Ample food for one extra day of travel, just in case.
  • Gear for activities. This includes fishing, skiing, wakeboarding or just relaxing.
  • Cameras and waste bags. Take only pictures, and leave only footprints.

A good pre-departure checklist will have everything you need to rough it or just relax in the nation’s many national parks. You might also want to consider a National Parks Pass to hit multiple locations throughout the year. The pass is free for military members as of 2017.

If you are ready to start living the RVing lifestyle and visit our nation’s parks, contact us today! Or stop by one of our locations to take a look at the RVs for sale and get ready to hit the open road!

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