PaloMini Travel Trailer 160RB Review: The Top Ten Reasons to Buy

Looking for a unique travel experience with an RV that is both practical and comfortable? You absolutely need to check out the Palomini Travel Trailer 160RB for sale right here at Collier RV. A brand you can trust with the structural integrity and elegant design that you’ve been waiting for, the PaloMini travel trailer 160RB provides you with everything that you need to enjoy the open road in one, easy-to-manage space. Find out more about why you should purchase one of these RVs in our PaloMini Travel Trailer 160RB review!

Palomino Palomini
The outstanding Palomino Palomini.

Lightweight Construction

The PaloMini 160RB travel trailer has a hitch weight of only 378 LBS, meaning that it can go a lot further on a lot less gas in the tow vehicle.

Vacuum Bonded

The vacuum bonded construction ensures that you have more than enough insulation to deal with warm summer days and cool winter nights with comfort.

Exterior Fiberglass

The fiberglass exterior makes the PaloMini extremely easy to keep clean and looking beautiful, no matter what off-road setting you find yourself in.

Fully walkable roof

This makes it easy for you to perform maintenance on the roof, or just get a better view of your surroundings when you are at a new site.

Tinted safety glass

Great for safety as well as privacy and temperature control on the interior of the RV. Less sunlight getting in means less heat that you have to cool during those warm days.

Palomino Palomini interior
More of the Palomino Palomini interior.

LED interior lights

The LED lighting fixtures make it easy for you to illuminate the entire RV without needing massive amounts of power to do so.

Residential cabinets

The cabinetry on the inside are both functional and fashionable, with more than enough space to store all of your gear.

Loaded with amenities

Microwave, massive water heater, pillowtop memory foam mattress, and so much more! There are plenty of amenities to get excited about!

Palomino Palomini galley
The beautiful Palomino Palomini galley.


The price point of this gorgeous RV is one of the biggest reasons to go with it! Huge savings on an RV with all the bells and whistles!

Palomino warranty

With warranties for all of the major appliances and structure of the RV, you can hit the road without worrying about a thing.

All of this and more comes standard in the PaloMini Travel Trailer 160RB! Check out our entire inventory of Palomino RVs to get an idea of everything you can expect in one of these beauties and be sure to contact us if you have any questions today! We also carry a variety of wonderful PaloMini floorplans for you to check out. We can’t wait to help get you into the RV of your dreams!

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