TigerMoth Trek Travel Trailers: 3 Features for Adventure

Looking for a real adventure? Get off the grid with the TigerMoth Trek travel trailers for sale here at Collier RV! This couple’s coach comes with everything you need for a safe and comfortable stay in the great outdoors. Plus, with a lightweight design, it is towable by almost every vehicle you can drive on the road, so as soon as you purchase one, you can start enjoying the many inside and outside features that come along with this amazing RV.

TigerMoth Trek Travel Trailer
Check out our TigerMoth Trek Travel Trailers!

Comfort Inside

The inside of the TigerMoth is designed to provide enough space for two to sleep comfortably while still giving you a camping feel. The couch and bed have space for storage underneath them, so packing your belongings is easy. And once you open the hatch door and close the screen doors, you will get airflow inside to stay comfortable without letting in bugs from the outside.

TigerMoth Trek Travel Trailer Interior
The comfortable and compact interior is perfect for two.

Entertainment Options

There are plenty of things you can do for entertainment while camping like hiking or riding bikes, but when the sun goes down or the weather gets bad, finding something to do will be more difficult. Luckily, the Trek travel trailer comes ways you can still find activities. For example, enjoy a good book by the LED reading lights or listen to your favorite music through the wireless bluetooth speaker while your device stays plugged into the built-in USB charging port!

TigerMoth Trek Travel Trailer Exterior
Cook outdoors with ease with the pull-out kitchen!

Exterior Amenities

When heading off the beaten path, you will want to have plenty of space for storage, and with the on-board toolbox and cargo deck, finding a place for all of your belongings will be easy. And  with the innovative pull-out kitchen complete with countertop, cabinets, 2-burner range, and 5 gallon water can, you will be able to cook all of your meals away from civilization without any trouble.

Adventure in the great outdoors awaits you with the TigerMoth Trek travel trailers! To find out more about the creative design of this fun and functional camper, make sure you contact us today! Then, stop by any of our locations to take a tour of one and see firsthand what it can bring to your RVing life!

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